July Edition 2018

In the July Edition of Fonder Direkt Monthly Roundup we go through Swedish fund flow trends and take input from Fondbolagens förenings savings economist Gustav Sjöholm.

We look at what sort of funds performed the best and the worst over the last 30 days. Tundra Vietnam and Tundra Pakistan were found in the top of the return table, after being among the worst performers at the time for the last roundup.

Less surprisingly, funds with exposure to troubled Turkey were among the worst performing funds this time.

In July, Fonder Direkt had the pleasure to interview Placera’s fund editorial Pär Ståhl, who explained how the editorial selects their “Ten funds worth buying”, how you could think about currencies, fund managers and saving routines. Click on the link to watch that interview (in Swedish): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX0q8TerDbY

Morover, we dive in to our partner Coeli’s fund Likviditetsstrategi and learn what fund manager Gustav Fransson has in sight for the investing climate going forward.

Uppdragsvideo: Filmas och produceras av Fonder Direkt TV, en fristående del av Nyhetsbyrån Direkt AB.